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  1. The city doesn’t own it which is sad because it could be great for outdoor activités
    is skaty/bike ramp
    outdoor concert with seating spaces _ soft music
    worte with the old stadum too.
    But : incorporation into the forest is im key, no concrrete added or as little as possible

  2. Refaire à neuf l’entrée principale de la galerie de 1800.
    Donner une nouvelle affectation au grand batiment
    Aménager un espace concert

  3. Is the Tillebierg elevated above Differdange and is there a special view on the city?
    If yes, it would be nice if you could provide pictures of the view (as the Google Street View Mobile did not reach the Tiellebierg 😉

  4. Is the Tilleberg elevated above Differdange. If yes it would nice to have some visuals available here – as the Google Street View Mobile did not make it up there 🙂

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Espace Thillebierg

Ideal site outside of the city center allowing various activities such as concerts, exhibitions, etc in a surrounding of Differdange’s steel and mining legacy.


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